Tax Resolution Services for People That owe the Internal Revenue Service

If you owe the IRS and need a solution, there are several tax resolution services available to you that will resolve most tax debt issues. When working with the IRS, it’s ideal to work with a tax professional, such as an enrolled agent, that will communicate directly with the IRS on the taxpayer’s behalf to find a formal resolution

Here are some of the tax resolution services that we commonly help our clients with:

Reduction or Removal of Penalties

Penalties can quickly inflate a tax debt to the point where it’s hard for people to ever settle their debt. This is when a licensed tax professional will determine if you qualify for penalty abatement or other forms of tax debt forgiveness and tax resolution services.

Tax debt reduction

Taxpayers that cannot afford to pay their full tax debt may consider getting a reduction. If you have limited ability to pay, you may qualify for such a reduction. Tax resolution services companies are available to guide you in the best path of your debt reduction.  Alternatively, you might qualify for our self directed tax resolution service, which is usually a more affordable solution to simple tax debt issues.

Postponement of tax debt

All IRS collection activity can be suspended if you qualify for Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status. A tax professional can determine if you have the ability to pay your tax liability and suggest the postponement of taxes as a part of an overall tax debt relief strategy.  This process is very tedious, requires experience and expertise on your side, so be careful in choosing the right tax professional for your individual situation. We have a quick questionnaire that will help you determine the best path to take if you aren’t able to meet the demands of your tax debt.

Removal of federal tax lien and levy

When faced with a federal tax lien or levy, taxpayers often panic. In the case of aggressive collection actions by the IRS, you must immediately seek professional help so that timely action can be taken to protect you. You can avoid such action and obtain a permanent resolution to your tax debt problem with the assistance of a licensed tax professional.  


There are many IRS Tax fears that you may be going though.  The professionals at Just Accounting Inc. are your tax defense partners,  helping you every step of the way – no matter how bad the situation. We employ Enrolled Agents to guide you in your irs tax debt matter with a customized plan that will employ the right tax resolution services for your individual needs..