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Just Accounting Inc. was started with the client in mind.

Services We Offer

We offer tax services for both Individuals and Businesses from Bookkeeping, Accounting, Consulting, and Tax Resolution.

We have Certified Enrolled Agents to work on your behalf to help you handle your tax issues with the IRS. This can be your first step towards not living in fear of the IRS, Just Accounting Inc. can handle all your tax concerns.

Individual Services

  • Tax Planning
  • Cost Cutting
  • IRS Consultation
  • Form Filling Out
  • Budget and Planning
  • Loss Prevention
  • Individual Taxation
  • Tax Resolution (Wage Levies, Bank Levies, Payment Plans)

Corporate Services

  • Tax Planning
  • Payroll
  • Cost Cutting
  • IRS Consultation
  • Form Filling Out
  • Office Management
  • S Corporation Taxes
  • LLC Taxes
  • Partnership Taxes
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution

Tax relief companies exist to help taxpayers who are struggling or unable to pay the taxes they owe to the government. While these companies’ processes vary in strategy, the main goal of a tax relief company is to reduce the financial burden on a taxpayer.