COVID-19 Recovery Estimator

This form estimates the impact of a loss of business in relation to COVID-19, and the amount of time it will take to recover based on your business

  • Calculate COVID-19 Impact on Your Bottom Line

    We have prepared this calculator to help businesses assess the net impact to their bottom line because, at Just Accounting, we care about your bottom line. In it, we will help you discover how long it will take your business to recover losses from this pandemic. We assess the additional cost of a loan as well, should you be looking to do that, or if you have savings, we can give you an estimate of the amount of months needed to recover from your COVID-19 losses.

    Enter your information in monthly terms.

  • This is the amount of gross income your business makes on average over the last 12 months. Enter monthly amount.
  • This is the average amount of total expenses your business has incurred over the last 12 months. Enter monthly amount.
  • How will COVID-19 Impact Your Business?

    If you are forced to close your doors, or otherwise unable to operate normally, please enter your information below.

    Please only enter expenses here if they are different from your above monthly average expenses.

  • Enter the amount of time in months that you expect to have to close your doors due to the pandemic.
  • If there are costs associated with not being able to do business, such as overhead costs, rent, bills, and employee costs. Please enter those here.
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  • Taking advantage of SBA loans to weather the storm?

    If you are considering taking a loan out to cover your costs in this downturn, let us know the details of the loan, and we can calculate the amount of debt your business will need to take on.

  • what is the APR on the loan? Enter this information in decimal form. For 10%, enter 0.1 and for 15.5% enter 0.155.
  • Enter the length of the loan terms in months. For 5 years, enter 60, for 3 years, enter 36.
  • Here's Your Results

    These are just estimates and should not be taken as advice to act on until you talk to your accountant.

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  • We estimate that this is the amount of months it will take for your business to recover from its losses, given the information you have provided in this calculator.
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